Happily Ever After A Short Sale On Your Brooklyn Home

As this story will tell you, it’s not all doom and gloom after a short sale on your Brooklyn home. Finding an Licensed  Real Estate professional with experience handling the  short sale process  can negotiate with your bank,  give you a fresh start and in many cases, a new beginning without the burden of having…Read More→

Staging Your Brooklyn Home – The Staged Kitchen (Part6/6)

Stage the kitchen to wow buyers The kitchen is a key area of the home for many reasons. Kitchens have a lot to do with resale value, so the buyers will want to be impressed with this area of the home. People also spend a lot of time in their kitchens, so a nicely staged…Read More→

Staging Your Brooklyn Home – Living Areas (Part 5/6)

People spend a lot of time in their living room and family room areas, especially when they have children. The family room / living room is also an entertainment area of the home. So when buyers walk through the living room or family room area of your home, they will want to envision these two…Read More→

Staging Your Brooklyn Home – The Entryway (Part 4/6)

Stage the entryway for maximum effect Your home’s entrance is part of its overall curb appeal, because people will see it when they pull up to the house. But the entrance is doubly important because it marks a threshold — literally and figuratively — between the outside world and what could possibly be the buyer’s…Read More→

Staging Your Brooklyn Home – Exterior Curb Appeal (Part 3/6)

When most people hear the phrase staging a home they immediately think of preparing the home’s interior — painting, arranging furniture and the like. While the interior is certainly important, the home’s exterior is an equally important (but often overlooked) home staging hot-spot. Curb appeal is exactly what it sounds like. When potential buyers pull…Read More→

Staging Your Brooklyn Home – Benefits of staging your home (Part 2/6)

Why should I bother staging my home? What do I get back for all the time and effort I put in? This is one of the most common home staging questions among sellers, especially those who are selling in a seller’s market. Here’s the bottom line: Staging your home can benefit you regardless of what…Read More→

Staging Your Brooklyn Home For Sale (Part 1/6)

Before we dive into home staging tips for a quick sale, we first need to define what exactly staging is — just so we are on the same page. Definition: Home staging is the act of preparing a home (and the contents of the home) for sale, with a special emphasis on presentation and appearance….Read More→