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    8 home improvement ideas that are worth the buck

    girl painting the wall inside a house

    Whether you are looking to sell your house or to simply liven up your living spaces, your home improvement efforts should add value to your property. Cover both bases with these eight worthwhile projects:

    1. Repainted walls

      A fresh coat of paint can instantly revive any part of your home. It offers great returns on your investment, too. Paint is fairly cheap and takes very little time and effort to apply, but it makes your living spaces and exteriors look fresh and flawless. Just be sure to choose the appropriate paint colors for each part of your house.

    2. Remodeled kitchen

      Known as the heart of every home, kitchens get plenty of attention and scrutiny from homebuyers. If you want to impress potential buyers, spruce up your kitchen.

      You don’t have to spend huge amounts for a gourmet kitchen—major renovations like these are harder to recoup. As long as the structure of your kitchen is sound and built for the modern, open-layout lifestyle, a few cosmetic enhancements and appliance upgrades will suffice.

    3. Spa-style bathrooms

      A bathroom redesign also enhances the appeal and living experience in any home. Like the kitchen, the bathroom doesn’t need extravagant upgrades and fixtures. You can create a soothing and luxurious spa-like environment for your bathroom with the right combination of paints, finishes, furniture, and decor like scented candles and heated towels.

    4. Energy-efficient windows and insulation

      Modern homebuyers and homeowners are mindful about energy efficiency. In addition to minimizing the global environmental impact of their HVAC systems’ power consumption, Energy Star-certified windows and proper house insulation also result in significant savings on utility bills and maintenance costs over the long term.

    5. Well-maintained exteriors

      A great home looks good both inside and out. If you are looking to attract buyers, your home’s curb appeal can make or break a potential sale. Even if you’re not putting your property back on the market, having a thriving, landscaped garden and well-maintained exterior fixtures makes your entire property a more pleasant environment to live in.

    6. Deck or patio installation

      If you have the means to take your exterior enhancements further, a wooden deck or a paved patio can be an excellent addition to your house. These outdoor spaces allow you to maximize your property, whether for private enjoyment or for entertaining friends and family.

    7. Home office

      The rapid spread of COVID-19 earlier in the year made many people realize that working from home is a viable alternative to day-to-day commutes to the office. With more employers and teams adapting to remote working arrangements in the new normal, carving out dedicated rooms or sections of the house that are suitable for online meetings and productive individual focus can add value to the modern home.

    8. Basic updates and repairs

      When updating your home, remember the little details. Simple matters like fixing leaky faucets, updating flickering light bulbs, and repairing cracked tiles tend to be ignored or forgotten. But keeping your home looking great and in perfect working condition requires paying attention to the smallest concerns, as much as the big upgrades.

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