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Douglas Elliman

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    Tina’s Turf

    Co-ops and condos: What’s the difference?

    You are finally ready to buy your first place in Brooklyn and want to know which is better, a condo or co-op? They are different types of ownership and depending on your situation or inclination you may prefer one over the other.

    Brooklyn i...

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    Get to know Ditmas Park in Brooklyn, NY

    Most of the world knows Brooklyn as a trendy borough of mid- to high-rises, rows upon rows of brownstones, and iconic sights such as the Manhattan Bridge. This face is urban chic and cool that a lot of people, once they step into the boundaries...

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    Tips for Selling Your Home During a Pandemic

    As the coronavirus continues to spread, the way we sell houses has changed. Real estate agents and homeowners are becoming more creative with their sales and marketing strategies, experimenting with virtual staging, 3D photographs, and remote c...

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    Real Estate in Marine Park: A 2020 Recap

    While the real estate market slowed down throughout the first half of 2020, real estate in Marine Park is now showing signs of a resurgence. As we cap off a rough yet also surprisingly good year for real estate and look forward to 2021, let’s...

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