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    Tips for Selling Your Home During a Pandemic

    Hand sanitizer, mask, and house model

    As the coronavirus continues to spread, the way we sell houses has changed. Real estate agents and homeowners are becoming more creative with their sales and marketing strategies, experimenting with virtual staging, 3D photographs, and remote closings. Also, the process of selling a house to the right buyer has become digital.

    Whether you’re going DIY or hiring a real estate agent, you can successfully sell your home during a pandemic with these tips.

    Stage, repair, and declutter

    Pre-pandemic rules of staging, minor home repairs, and decluttering your home are even more important at this difficult time. If you live on a smaller property, or simply have too many things, find a storage provider in your area. Fixing things like cabinet handles and faucets, updating your landscaping, and adding a layer of fresh paint all add to your home’s value.

    Highlight pandemic-friendly selling points

    Since many families are stuck at home, the definition of desirable real estate has changed. In this new norm, play up your home’s pandemic-friendly features. Take a lot of photos of your kitchen storage. Stage multiple home offices for adults and children, and make the most of green spaces such as yards and gardens.

    Skip open houses

    No open houses, so just serious buyers and real estate agents get in touch. Set the conditions for in-person visits, such as using face masks and gloves and notifying you at least four hours before an appointment. Alternatively, consider virtual tours on FaceTime and Google Meet, outdoor visits, and fantastic photos and videos.

    Move out

    Many people have no choice but to live in a house while it is on the market. However if it’s possible, consider renting a home during this time to reduce in-person contact. Your real estate agent may be able to help you locate a place you can rent monthly.

    Seal the deal remotely

    In a real estate closing, the final documents are signed, the money is distributed to the sellers, and the real estate agents are involved. Ask your agent to email all the offers, and then go through it together via the phone. If you decide to accept a bid, you will have to sign the original contract. You can do so electronically or your agent can put the agreement in your mailbox for you to retrieve and then pick up once you have signed.

    Expect delays

    Glitches in real estate transactions can occur during the best of times. They are almost a given during a pandemic. Be flexible and prepare for delays that push back the closing date due to social distancing measures, travel restrictions, and other unavoidable circumstances.

    Final thoughts

    By implementing these creative strategies, you should find the right buyer and work through the complex home selling process. Do your best to stay calm if situations do not go as planned.

    Do you need practical tips for selling your Brooklyn home? Talk to Brooklyn real estate agent and long-time resident Tina Epstein for advice and listings. Contact us at 917.364.1070 or email tina(dotted)epstein(at)compass(dotted)com today to learn more about Bath Beach, Ditmas Park, and Marine Park real estate.