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    Midwood Brooklyn Real Estate

    Midwood - Tina Epstein | Realtor

    Midwood is located in south-central Brooklyn, approximately halfway between Prospect Park and Coney Island. Midwood is surrounded by: Midwood Manor to the west (Ocean Parkway), Homecrest and Madison to the south (Avenue P / Kings Highway), Brooklyn College campus to the north (Avenue I), Marine Park and Flatlands to the East (Nostrand Avenue).

    The architecture of Midwood can be described as “suburban”, although historical gems can be found throughout the area. One- and two-family homes, in a variety of designs and ages, line the side streets of this quiet neighborhood. The Midwood community experienced several periods of upheaval and revival, with the resulting waves of renovation and new construction throughout its history. As a result, classic homes from the 1920′s through the 1950′s share space with more modern structures. High-rise apartment complexes line the intersections of the main thoroughfares, especially Ocean Avenue, where the City’s zoning ordinances permit construction higher than 3 floors.

    Overall, Midwood offers a large variety of housing, suitable for a wide range of lifestyles, tastes, and budgets. Quite a few historical treasures can be found throughout the neighborhood, including the Dutch Colonial farmhouse at 1041 East 22nd Street (built in 1803), the Post-Modern banded-brick Congregation Kol Israel synagogue (1989), and the Georgian mansions in north Midwood, around Brooklyn College (1880′s-1890′s).

    Midwood’s shopping districts lay along its major avenues – Ocean Avenue, Coney Island Avenue, Nostrand Avenue, Avenue P, and Kings Highway. Having some of Brooklyn’s busiest commercial districts within reach is one of the advantages of living in Midwood. Along with providing a great variety of shops, restaurants, and recreation, the avenues also serve as direct routes to the Belt Parkway and Downtown Brooklyn.

    The neighborhood’s closest large park is the 798-acre Marine Park in the adjacent namesake neighborhood. Within Midwood itself, the General G.W. Wingate Athletic Field offers over 5 acres of green space and sports equipment. South Midwood residents can also visit the William Kelly Memorial Park in neighboring Homecrest, and West Midwoodians enjoy the peace and quiet of Friends Field and the adjoining memorial Washington Cemetery. To the north, the Brooklyn College Campus, often called “the most beautiful campus in Brooklyn”, offers additional green space, recreational facilities, and community events.

    Whether drivers or riders, the residents of Midwood never lack for options when it comes to getting in and out. Commuters will appreciate Midwood’s proximity to Ocean Parkway. With its multiple lanes and specially configured traffic signals for fewer stops, “the OP” offers a direct route to the Belt Parkway (Staten Island, Manhattan, rest of Long Island) and the Prospect Expressway (Brooklyn Downtown, Belt Parkway/Brooklyn Battery Tunnel). Subway service is provided by the Q (East 15th Street) and F (McDonald Avenue) trains, as well as the 2/5 line (Nostrand Avenue). The neighborhood is served by over 16 bus lines the Brooklyn local 2, 6, 8, 9, 11, 31, 41, 44, 49, 68, 82, 100, and B103; the Manhattan express X29; and the Queens-bound Q35.

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