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    Advice from a seasoned Brooklyn real estate agent on selling your home during COVID-19

    selling your home in brooklyn during pandemic

    Looking for a fast and rewarding home sale even while the COVID-19 pandemic is in full swing? Make it happen with some expert home selling advice:

    Say no to lowball offers

    Be wary of sub-par offers sent your way. Despite current circumstances, demand for Brooklyn homes remains high.

    Even though the coronavirus outbreak has disruptive effects on the economy, the real estate market has remained active. Even during the lockdown months, people who were stuck indoors spent their time browsing listings online and closing on deals. You don’t have to worry about the value of your property plummeting because of COVID-19.

    Avoid overpricing your property

    That said, keep your asking price reasonable. Overpricing remains the biggest mistake that any home seller can make. Savvy homebuyers and agents ignore overpriced listings and move on to homes priced according to their market value.

    When your property is left on the market for too long, you might just wind up making a dramatic price cut and accepting bigger losses in the end.

    Maximize technology to showcase your home

    The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated society’s adoption of virtual methods of doing business. From increased use of video conferencing apps and remote document signing processes, these innovations are key to executing a complete and valid home sale in the new normal.

    As a seller, you have control over video call apps and live streaming platforms. Use them to stage virtual open houses and private showings. Study and maximize their features to make your home stand out in the market.

    Be ready to add more detailed disclosures

    In virtual home showings, homebuyers will have limited opportunities to scrutinize your house up close. Provide them as much detailed information about the property as you can. This proves that you are selling your home in good faith, and that you are willing to be as transparent as necessary to ensure a smooth sale.

    Keep cleaning and disinfecting kits handy around the house

    Even if you choose to limit your home viewings to virtual means, you will still have to allow certain professional partners into your home at some point. Your agent, home stagers, repair and maintenance personnel, and home inspectors will need access to your property before you can complete a home sale.

    For your peace of mind, keep your house well stocked with disinfecting sprays, protective face masks and gloves, and other cleaning supplies. Disinfect your living spaces and frequently touched surfaces after every visit.

    Understand that your patience will pay off

    Because of COVID-19, the home selling process moves much slower than usual. You might also receive fewer inquiries and offers when you list your home. The good news is these select few are more likely to be serious buyers who are just a strong sales pitch away from agreeing to a deal. The better you and your agent present the property in its best light, the better your chances of convincing the buyer.

    Work closely with your agent

    Real estate agents make every step of a home sale easier, thanks to their access to relevant market information, helpful insights and advice drawn from experience, and extensive connections with local professional partners. Take full advantage of their expertise and services for a satisfying home selling experience.

    Sell your house with confidence anytime with me, Tina Epstein, by your side. As an established Compass Associate Broker serving various Brooklyn neighborhoods, you can count on me to be your trustworthy guide throughout the entire home selling process. Call 917.364.1070 or email tina(dotted)epstein(at)compass(dotted)com for more information.