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    Staging Your Brooklyn Home – The Entryway (Part 4/6)

    Stage the entryway for maximum effect

    Your home’s entrance is part of its overall curb appeal, because people will see it when they pull up to the house. But the entrance is doubly important because it marks a threshold — literally and figuratively — between the outside world and what could possibly be the buyer’s new home.

    So you can consider the entryway another home staging hot-spot that deserve special attention. Here are some tips to help you stage the entry area of your home.

    Staging the Entry

    • The “entry” includes those areas people see when they first open the front door. This picks up where curb appeal leaves off. It’s a critical area, because it represents the potential buyer’s first impression upon walking into the house.
    • Keep the entryway open and free of clutter. This will make the house seem larger, right from the get-go.
    • Clear away all of those spider webs and any other “natural touches” to the entry area. It’s a dirty job, but it must be done.
    • Make sure the entry has plenty of light. This is for safety reasons as well as general appearances. A bright entryway gives the initial impression of a warm, inviting home.
    • Get rid of that worn welcome mat and buy a new, high-quality welcome mat. It’s a home staging essential … and well worth the $20 you’ll spend.

    Remember, professional home staging focuses on the house as a whole, but also on key “hot spots” that have a bigger impact. Your home’s entryway is a natural magnet for people’s eyes, so give the entry some extra attention when you stage your home for sale.

    For a free in home consultation to determine if your home could benefit from subtle changes in staging or other home improvements  Call Tina Epstein of Weichart Realtors, The Franzese Group Real Estate Today at  917-364-1070 or email tina@brooklynhomesearch.com